Monday, April 13, 2015

TO DWELL IN DARKNESS by Deborah Crombie

Deborah Crombie

            Those who have followed my reviews know that I am a big fan of Deborah Crombie. And, with her latest Duncan Kincaid-Gemma James novel, To Dwell In Darkness, Crombie does not disappoint. As with other Crombie novels, To Dwell In Darkness, left me wrestling with the question whether Crombie is truly a mystery writer or whether she writes literary fiction that just happens to include a mystery.

            In To Dwell In Darkness, Duncan has been transferred, and he and his new team are called to investigate the explosion of an incendiary device by protestors at the St. Pancras International Station. It just so happens that Melody Talbot, Gemma’s detective sergeant, was at St Pancras, listening to Andy and Poppy play at a musical festival, when the protestor set off the device. Was this a terrorist attack? Suicide? Murder? Melody and Doug Cullen, Duncan’s former detective sergeant, help him sort through the convoluted case.

            Meanwhile, Gemma is dealing with her own nasty murder case, and the Kincaid-James household is as lively as ever. Duncan and Gemma’s personal and professional lives collide, as they are wont to do, and the two struggle as they juggle the various responsibilities.

            To Dwell In Darkness is a wonderful book with an interesting plot and with Crombie’s signature rich character development. Crombie has once again captured a nice blend of a rich home life and two challenging jobs. But, Duncan is faced with the realization that his personal and professional lives are not separate, untouching spheres.

            My first thought, after completing this book, was that I want the next book in the series now. Whatever the genre in which she may be writing, Crombie has another masterpiece!


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