Thursday, January 26, 2017


Tana French

            Antoinette Conway, of the Dublin Murder Squad, has returned. She and her partner, Stephen Moran, were given yet another domestic – the murder of Aislinn Murray – and Conway hates domestics. How she wishes that they would be given a nice, juicy high-profile murder. Be careful what you wish for, Antoinette!

            We follow Conway and Moran as they try to sort out what happened to Murray and who killed her. We are drawn into the sometimes seedy world of the murder detective. Not only do Conway and Moran have to outthink and outwit the bad guys, but Dublin Murder Squad’s only female detective must do this dance with her own colleagues. Has hazing turned to harassment? Is anyone other than Moran in her corner? Wait…is Moran even in her corner?

We are caught up in these squad squabbles with Conway and can feel her reaching her breaking point. These simmer – then boil – beneath the murder investigation.

            Although we suspect from the beginning that the “domestic” answer to Murray’s murder is not the correct answer, it is nonetheless masterful to watch how Conway and Moran work their way to the correct answer.

The Trespasser, like French’s previous novels, is a work woven from the exquisite, extraordinary character development for which she is known. It is, quite simply, another Tana French masterpiece!


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