Thursday, May 1, 2014


Anne Fortier

            When I finally (with much regret) closed the back cover of The Lost Sisterhood, I sat for awhile mulling over whether I would give the book 5 stars or 4 & ½ stars (were I to do star-rated reviews). Instead of reaching a decision, I opened the front cover and began reading the book again. It wasn’t long before I was once again ruing the closing of the back cover. It is that good!

            The “Lost Sisterhood” mentioned in the title refers to the Amazons – those epic women warriors of mythical proportions. Central to the book is modern day Philologist, Diana Morgan. Diana is also an Amazon specialist – whose enthusiasm and interest was sparked by an allegedly mentally ill grandmother. The book follows Diana as she is lured away from her Oxford teaching post by an unknown, but familiar, writing that had been uncovered at an archeological dig. Part of the book follows Diana as she follows the trail of the text.

            The other part of the book follows Myrina and her sister Lilli, priestesses to the Moon Goddess long ago, at the genesis of the Amazon sisterhood. The book shifts back and forth between Myrina’s journey, in the past, and Diana’s journey in the present.

            As with all myths, there is a kernel of truth in the myths about the Amazons. Diana tries to seek that kernel of truth – as well as to discover whether Amazons continue to exist in the present. The journey includes Greeks and Trojans, history and love, and professional and personal discoveries.

            The Lost Sisterhood is beautifully written and has wonderful character development. Frustrated at not having a sequel, I am tempted to read it a third time.

            So, why the half a star quandary? I was a little dissatisfied with the ending. The plot was so complex and convoluted that I found the end – where all the loose ends seemed to be neatly tied up very quickly – to be a sort of letdown. But there is now no question in my mind – were I a star- giving reviewer, The Lost Sisterhood would definitely receive 5.


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