Saturday, July 2, 2016

I’LL BE RIGHT HERE by Sandra H. Moore, M.D.

Sandra H. Moore, M.D.

            I’ll Be Right Here is a nonfiction work. Specifically, it is a work of Inspiration, composed of essays and poems written by Sandra H. Moore, M.D. The book also includes six watercolors. These beautiful illustrations were provided by Carol Watson.

The writings are divided into six parts, although the parts are not labeled, and I could not discern the reason for the groupings. The subject of many of the writings involves overcoming grief and depression, anger and sorrow, and finding the inner strength to deal with (or overcome) these times in our lives.

            One of my favorite parts of the book is the title essay, “I’ll Be Right Here”. As Dr. Moore explains, the title of the book is a phrase her father used to say to her when she left him. (Introduction) The essay talks more about her father and about how those we love stay with us after we are parted from them.

             Dr. Moore is herself an inspirational person. As the description of the author tells us, “she was the first Black female anesthesiologist to join a private group practice in Houston.” This mother – and grandmother – is now retired, after twenty-four years of practice.

            Although nonfiction in general – and inspiration in particular – is not my forte, I found I’ll Be Right Here to be a lovely book. It was as enjoyable to read from beginning to end as it was to page through and select certain poems or essays on whim. This little book will look very pretty on your coffee table – or, it would make a nice gift for someone in need of inspiration or support.

            In my opinion, I’ll Be Right Here is, quite simply, inspirational.


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