Wednesday, August 31, 2016

KILLER LOOK by Linda Fairstein

Linda Fairstein

            SPOILER ALERT: The following may contain revealing information about this book, as well as prior installments in the series.

Killer Look is Linda Fairstein’s latest installment in her Alexandra Cooper series. The focal point for Alex’s latest adventure with Mike Chapman and Mercer Wallace is the death of Wolf Savage, the creative genius behind, and head of, his own fashion empire. As is usual with Fairstein, Wolf Savage’s death is not all it appears to be on the surface. And, as we have come to expect, Alex’s ease in worlds outside of the district attorney’s office is vital to this investigation.

            I am not a fashionista. However, I am an aficionado of Fairstein’s Alex Cooper. So, you will understand any ambivalence that may be found in this review.

            In Killer Look, Alex is still recovering from her abduction, the focus of the previous book in the series, Devil’s Bridge. This changes her, her relationships with Mike and Mercer, and the usual formula Fairstein uses in many of her Alexandra Cooper novels. I have no doubt that Fairstein is in a better position to accurately portray the aftermaths of Alex’s horrific experience. I simply do not like Mike – particularly his reaction to, and treatment of, Alex – as he is portrayed in much of Killer Look.

            I usually love Fairstein’s exposition of some historical point of interest about New York City that permeates each of her novels. But, Killer Look does not include what I have come to think of as the usual history from Fairstein; what is included pertains to the Garment District and the fashion industry, unappealing to this non-fashionista.

            In addition, the version of Killer Look that I read was an Advance Uncorrected Proof provided for a review. This proof included a number of errors, mostly grammatical but also a few substantive errors. Although this is to be expected with proofs, as one who does a bit of editing in addition to reviewing, and hence who is hypercritical, the errors were a bit off putting.

            Despite these shortcomings, I enjoyed my experience with Killer Look. I love Alexandra Cooper and was excited to be back in her world.


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