Monday, February 27, 2017

FEVERSONG by Karen Marie Moning

Karen Marie Moning

            Feversong, the long awaited Fever finale, is here!

            At then end of Feverborn (see review February 1, 2017), all seems lost. Mac and the Sinsar Dubh and the black holes – the end is nigh. But then….

Feversong, the final installment in the series, is a fitting end to a complicated and convoluted plot. I was surprised to find how many loose ends remained to be tied up; and, most of these are resolved in this finale. There are parts of the Fever world about which I would like to have learned more – for example, the origin of the Nine – but while reading Feversong, I came to appreciate the enormity of the job Moning had in finalizing plot lines. In the end, she achieved an adequate balance between resolving the unresolved and leaving open the possibilities. The writing and twists and turns of the plot are reminiscent of the earlier books in the Fever series, the first five that hooked me into this world. Feversong is complex and moves at a very fast pace. I often felt confused, as if I have missed something (at least one “something”). But, I have been left with a great deal to mull over, and I am sure that there will be at least one reread for me.

Karen Marie Moning’s finale to her Fever series is fitting and masterful.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED – provided you have read the prior books. I do not recommend that you jump into the series with this book.

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